Readers’ Choice Poll: Best U.S. Brewery

Your turn to tell us! Which is the best American craft brewery?

beer-glasses-intro_400_01Alright, party people, time to stand up and be counted. On the eve of GABF, we want to hear from YOU. We whittled down a list of 150 breweries in six regions across the country like so: Pacific Northwest plus Hawaii and Alaska; California (with over 400 breweries, it really stands apart); the South & Southeast; The Mountain/Southwest; Midwest/Great Lakes; and Northeast & Mid-Atlantic.

Who brings the beer thunder, all day, every day? Pick a winner (or write one in!) and one single brewery overall. Tell all your friends (and fans, if you brew) to vote, because we are going to announce the winners nationally.

We know it’s not easy. In Portland, Oregon alone there are 75 to choose from. Maybe use the ‘ol “desert island” scenario to decide. Don’t worry, no one will know. It’s between you and your fridge. But we will tabulate and publish the collected results in a future email. Let’s show some love to the breweries that make it happen.

Which brewery is your favorite from each region? Let us know here.

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