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House rentals where craft brew comes with the territory

iraxmas_8_27_15_durham_loft_night_400We brought you a stellar list of hotels with hops. But sometimes you’re looking for a homier vibe, and that means checking in via new-era vacation home rentals you can book online (often at a great price).

Enter the likes of AirBnB, VRBO and HomeAway.com, which have a surprising amount of vacation rentals offered in former breweries (like this one, in London, located in a magnificent converted 1800's Victorian operation overlooking an elegant courtyard), in brewery-dense areas (like this stunner near Sam Adams, in Boston, and Tipping T, a stylish, eco-friendly rental in Austin, TX adjacent to Jester King Brewery and Stanley's Farmhouse Pizza).

If you could rent a house in any beer town, which one would it be? Tell us below.

And read on for the best beer lovers’ house rentals we’ve found.

Thankfully the Pacific Northwest go-to Rainier Beer lives on, but its old brewery has been converted to incredible lofts like this one you can rent for just $110. Feeling adventurous? You could head down under to Australia and camp out in this brewery cottage on the grounds of Red Hill Brewery, or literally sleep in a massive converted wooden beer barrel, in Germany, thanks to this listing on AirBnB.

Got a crowd? The Brewhouse Mountain Eco-Inn, located on 4 acres of mixed hardwood forest in the Conewago Mountains of Pennsylvania, is filled with a world-famous collection of vintage beer cans from around the globe, antique bottles, prints, neons, signs and every imaginable type of breweriana (and sleeps 10 for just $379 a night). Sleep tight, beer fanatics!

Photo Credit: Iraxmas.

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