42 Reasons To Love Craft Beer

We’re counting the ways we love beer right now. What are yours?

craftbeerDouglas Adams joked that 42 is the answer to everything in his mega bestseller The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, so that’s reason enough we’ll pick that number for a run down of the reasons we’re loving beer in the late summer of 2014.

Why do you love craft beer? Is it the flavor, the variety, the community? The great food, parties, the brewery tours and taproom tastings? Tell us below.

And read on for a list of the forty two reasons we’re in love with craft beer right now. Maybe we’re feeling sentimental. Maybe we’ve had a lot of killer beer this weekend. Whatever it is, we want you to add to this list in the comments section below. Cheers!

42 Reasons To Love Craft Beer Right Now (PS: share this list!)

1. Oregon’s Ninkasi brewery sent brewers’ yeast into outer space. No kidding.
2. Prince Harry, fourth in line for the U.K. throne, hit the Great British Beer Festival this weekend.
3. Golden Road is making a “carry on beer for airports” and has a pretty sweet contest going based on it, too.
4. Detroit’s comeback will be led by brewers. The Detroit Fall Beer Fest is coming up in October with 450 Michigan beers.
5. A former Coors/AC Golden employee is helping lead America’s sour beer renaissance.
6. There are now more than 3000 breweries in the nation (the high was around 4,300 in 1872).
7. A Portland Insurance company promoted a “healthiest beer” contest.
8. Whole Foods has its own brewery now.
9. Barley has been placed in the Doomsday vault.
10. Trappists are brewing beer in America.
11. Music Festivals have gone completely craft beer-centric: Bonnaroo, Outside Lands, NW String Summit, and Pickathon, to name a few we hit this summer.
12. LA is a legitimate beer town now. With Brouwerij West, Golden Road, and Beachwood BBQ to name a few, the City of Angels is getting brighter by the minute.
13. Hawaii is getting serious with its beer scene.
14. The Bruery Terreux launched this summer. Beer lovers rejoice.
15. A lot of awesome festivals turned 25. We’re getting up there!
16. Victory’s beer ice cream. ‘Nuff said.
17. New hop varieties were announced at CBC.
18. The next CBC is in Portland, Oregon. Of course it is. The Rose City is already planning big time.
19. Just two years in, The Commons brewery in Oregon bought a 10,000 square foot building and tripled brewing capacity. Gather around beer, indeed.
20. America’s first microbrewery since Prohibition, New Albion (1976-1982), is coming back. Support the grassroots effort.
21. Sierra Nevada threw a beer festival tour and literally invited every operational brewery in the USA to pour alongside them.
22. Beer running is now a bonafide thing. Read our take: “Run Like Ale.” 23. The Dogfish Inn opened for business. We’re counting the days until we can make a pilgrimage to Lewes, coastal Delaware.
24. Pretentious beer hoarding got served. DRAFT magazine’s beer editor Christopher Staten wrote one of the best articles of the year, “Just Drink It, Already.”
25. Stone is building a brewery in Berlin. While we plan to drink German beer when in Germany, it’s a sign of incredible progress for the entire craft industry.
26. We can laugh at it. Here’s Deadspin’s cheeky list of the most overrated beers.
27. The Modern Times Brewery Tasting Room. Look at it. And be amazed.
28. Gose is everywhere. Look for Local Option's Schmetterling Gose, and Westbrook Gose, for starters.
29. The Culinary Institute of America is building its own craft brewery.
30. “Murder and Manslaughter.” OK, not literally, but this 7.2% Baltic Porter/schwarzbier hybrid is amazing: Kyritzer Mord & Totschlag from Klosterbrauerei Neuzelle in northeastern Germany near the Polish border.
31. GABF, or The Great American Beer Festival, is less than two months away.
32. Even New Mexico has a red-hot beer scene. Look for Marble’s new taproom in Santa Fe, for starters.
33. The Good Food Awards have a huge craft beer competition. And we’ve been selected to help judge.
34. Growler stations, encouraged by legal reforms, are popping up all over the nation. As long as people are drinking said beer fresh and well-kept, we’re all for it.
35. You can get great beer online shipped to your door (where legal). Start with Craft Beer Connect.
36. Beer writing is better than ever. There’s even a national contest. Enter if you think you have what it takes.
37. This is amazing: check out The Haas Innovation Center, a test brewery run by a hops farmer.
38. Speaking of hops, Kentucky not only has some great craft beer these days, the state even has its own hops farmers.
39. The Midwest’s beer scene is growing taller than a cornfield. 40. Indianapolis, for example, has a great and growing beer scene. Stay tuned for our upcoming story on it.
41. Feast Portland, a three day bacchanal of artisan beer, wine, spirits… and most of all chef-driven bashes in the City of Roses. We’re even hosting the beer panels on sour and session ales. See you there?
42. Speaking of which... We’ll say our final reason for loving craft beer is the existence (and growing popularity of) saisons, sours, and wild ales brewed with wild yeasts. We can’t get enough of them. ‘Nuff said.

Got anything to add? Tell us in the comments section below. And please share this list with your friends. We want to hear what they think, too.

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