Taps to the Future

The best new beer bars take craft beer in wild new directions.

beerbar_400One of the very best dimensions of the global craft beer revolution is the continuous stream of cool new tap rooms opening up. After all, a good beer bar can’t be defined by its list alone. No matter how deep and esoteric, endless pages of choices alone do not a great beer bar make. It’s the ambiance, creativity, spirit, and most of all, the people inside it make it great. Especially when A) it's a beer bar inside a high tech yeast laboratory B) a wine bar turned beer-crazy B) or C) a high end craft beer bar combined with a hip flower shop. Intrigued? Below are three of the coolest places to have a craft beer in America right now.

White Labs

San Diego, CA
Drinking in a brewery is one thing, but drinking in a world famous lab where yeasts are cultivated for the world’s top brewers? That’s taking it to an entirely new level. With 32 taps, up to three casks at a time, and chic design elements made of glass beakers and test tubes, the super clean and cool White Labs showcases different yeasts in every beer style, an incredibly educational—and tasty—experience. This is a must visit on any beer lover’s trip to San Diego.

Press Club
San Francsico, CA
What was already one of the best wine destinations in all of San Francisco is now a beer lover’s playground, too. Under the watchful eye of general manager and beer lover Kristian Cosentino the subterranean minimalist style of Press Club is now even cooler, with flights of rare kegs by European masters like Mikkeller, Brasserie de la Senne, and Picobrouwerij Alvinne—always in top condition.

Brooklyn, NY
What’s cooler than a beer bar in Brooklyn? A beer bar with live music and its own flower shop, meaning lovelorn beer fans with a thing for good tunes can get it all done in one stylish place. Located in a leafy, quiet corner of Brooklyn, Justin Israelson’s fragrant spot features tap takeovers by the likes of über-hot Greenport Harbor.

What are your favorite new beer bars? Tell us below.


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