Chocolate Reign

Three cacao-infused beers: Like love in a bottle

beer_and_chocolateSure—you could give flowers. How about a beer instead?

OK, you should probably still give flowers. But as beer lovers, also consider a chocolate-infused beer in your smoothest evening plans this week. The use of cacao in beer is not particularly new, but it’s only recently that beers made with infusions of the ancient bean Aztecs blamed for fueling orgies have risen high above the “ehhh, interesting, but no thanks” level. Some are even generating headlines, like North Carolina-based Foothill Brewing’s “Sexual Chocolate”. Since that elixir is spoken for like a hot date, here’s three more beers that bring the ancient bean to craft beer in tantalizing ways.

Victory Éclat Cocoa Lager
victory-eclat-lager1Sweet 16: to celebrate their 16th anniversary Victory Brewing Company crafted a chocolate beer in collaboration with West Chester, PA-based Éclat Chocolate using a rare cacao bean, Peruvian Pure Nacional. A touch sweet, it’s about as as rare as the perfect first date. On tap in the PA/NJ area in limited quantities starting tomorrow, 2/15.

New Belgium Cocoa Molé
cocoa-moleNew Belgium’s Lips of Faith line is a parade of delicious risks. One of the latest and best is Cocoa Molé, which brings together bitter chocolate, zingy cinnamon and the piquant kick of guajillo, chipotle and ancho chilies in a frisky 9%ABV.

Ommegang Seduction
omnegangA blend of six roasted malts (adding color and grainy heft), Liefman’s Brut (a blend of tart Belgian oud bruin beers with cherries), and Callebut Chocolatier’s very best stuff, Seduction from New York state’s Ommegang is a tango of roasted, dry, fruity, cocoa-kissed aromas and flavors.

Would you give your sweetheart a chocolate-infused beer for Valentine’s Day? Why or why not?

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