Brew Holiday

This year, give the (affordable) gift of beer gear.

holiday-beer-san-diegoIt’s the most beautiful time of the year—and busiest—so we’ll just cut to the chase. What do you give the lucky beer lover in your life? There’s no shortage of selections you could lavish upon the hop-head on your list. Actual beers fit nicely in sturdy, over-21 stockings, as do subscriptions to our favorite magazines like Beer West, Draft, Beer Advocate, Mutineer, and All About Beer.

What beer would you most hope to unwrap under the tree? Tell us below.

And read on for a short and affordable (under $35) shopping list for the big day, to supplement our summertime list of beer gifts for grads.

The Very, Very Many Varieties of Beer (print; $34)

il_570xn.302162007For the stylish beer lover, here’s a signed and numbered 24” by 36” homage to 89 incredible beer styles and examples of each type, with beer glass recommendations as well. See also: the handsome, if necessarily incomplete, map of the breweries in America.

Spiegelau Stemmed Pilsner Glasses ($16/pair)

stemmed-pilsner-glasses-set-of-twoHelp a friend move on from the ugly old straight-sided pint glass they “liberated” from the bar and now stack carelessly in the cupboard. Simply put, this stemmed pilsner glass is the best we’ve come across. It’s super light but strong, fits comfortably in the hand and mouth, and accentuates aromatic craft brews thanks to its elegant curving shape. Held by the stem, the beer stays colder, too.

BUILT Insulated Six-Pack Tote ($17/each)

blt-06Made of lightweight neoprene, here’s the best way for the beer lover in your life to carry a six-pack to the Yule fest in style (and keep it cold). It’s easy to grip, and will help protect the bottles should your beloved beer pal accidentally decide to drop it, which might ruin Christmas.

Mini Tube Stacking Glass ($2.95/each)

mini-tube-stacking-glassBeer geeks love all manner of metal and glass equipment used for making beer, which is why these durable, beaker-esque vessels for tasting and comparing beer are so immediately appealing. Let the tasting trials begin.

The Great American Ale Trail: The Craft Beer Lover’s Guide to the Best Watering Holes in the Nation (Running Press; $20)

20110919aletrailstoryWeekly Pint’s Editor-in-Chief penned this travel guide to some four hundred of the nation’s best craft breweries, beer bars, beer-focused restaurants, festivals, and bottle shops. With a preface by Brooklyn Brewery’s Garrett Oliver, it earned a nod for best overall guidebook in the nation in 2012 by the Society of American Travel Writers.

Beer Mustard Kit ($29.95)

fyvmtp8aBratwurst never tasted better. From Williams-Sonoma, here’s a fun way beer fans can make their own condiments by choosing their favorite craft beer and cider vinegar, mixing the dry spice ingredients in the kit’s little crock, and waiting for the burn to develop and deepen in the fridge.

Hops in the Saddle, A Guide to Portland’s Craft Beer Scene, by Bike (Into Action; $10)

hopinthesaddle1This smart, back-pocket sized book written by veteran scribe Lucy Burningham and Ellee Thalheimer shows you how to unearth the great beers of Portlandia via two-wheeled transport. It’s cheeky, informatively written, and easy on the eyes, with a clever, clean design throughout. Put a beer on it.



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