Non-Dorky Stuff for Beer Loving Dads

Forget the ties and golf balls. Beer gear is what he really wants.

dad_beer_400We love drinking beer with our dads. Whether it’s just hanging out and catching a game, fishing, or tackling dinner or a big backyard project, sharing a good craft beer makes a great way to bond. Just think, some of the best craft breweries in America were founded by or are run by father-and-son/daughter teams.

First comes a shared beer. Then comes the home brewing in ever-expanding fashion. Before you know it, something as cool as Three Floyds is born (see also: Eagle Rock, Kona, Avery, Goose Island, Yuengling, Bitter Root Brewing Co., and many more). Bring him a beer on Father’s Day, and make it an interesting one, for starters. And here are three more ideas to show him that while you’re not bitter, good beer can be.

Breweries of the United States Poster (Pop Chart Lab; $30)
There’s nothing like a map to stoke the old man’s wanderlust or stories you’ve never heard (or erased from memory). But this map is dotted with hundreds upon hundreds of modern craft breweries that could scarcely fail to inspire new adventure plans. How about a Griswold-style family vacation from brewery to beer bar and everything in between? Now that’s bonding.

Coffee and Donut Stout Kit (Brooklyn Brew Shop; $40)
No boiling vat of grease required. This is a simple homebrew kit with which to make a coffee stout inspired by donuts, with crushed coffee beans and coconut flakes to make the ultimate breakfast beer.

The Oxford Companion to Beer (Oxford Univ. Press; $65)
Your dad knows a lot, but he doesn’t know everything. Yet. Edited by Brooklyn Brewery Brewmaster Garrett Oliver, this 960-page tome is an astoundingly complete, one-volume encyclopedia of beer. There are over 1,100 entries for the ultimate armchair brewmaster, from old-timey brands he once drank out of flat-top steel cans to exotic new styles. What will he look up first?

What beer does your dad like to drink? Tell us below.

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