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The Best Brews For Barbecues

Summer is in high gear in America, and that means two things: barbecues and beer. Especially tomorrow. When it comes to reasons to celebrate, the only thing that might come close to matching the American Revolution is the good beer revolution. Just think: twenty-five years ago, we had a few...

Beer 101

Strength in Numbers

Homebrewing, finally legal in all 50 states , is one of the very best ways we can imagine turning our kitchens upside down. It smells really good, the work is super interesting, and the result, of course, is a delicious beer you made yourself. Experimentation isn’t just accepted,...

Craft Brewers

Best Pitcher Winner

Last week the 24th annual James Beard Awards took place in New York City, celebrating the pros who have dramatically advanced the culture of cuisine and alcoholic beverages in the United States. It’s not some little pat on the pack; they’re considered the “Oscars”...


Cities of Gold

Summer is right around the corner, and that means one thing: beer . There are over 2,800 breweries in the United States. That makes it hard to know where to begin when planning a beer-based adventure. So we picked five sure fire starters. We can already hear your wails of disbelief: What...

Bottles and Bars

Mix Masters

Variety is the spice of life, right? More and more breweries are cranking out dozens of styles, sometimes never to be repeated. Whereas craft beer has been compared to wine lately—with the growing popularity of age-worthy styles, 750ml bottles, and wine-like acidity—another apt...

Beer 101

The Way Back Brew Machine

OK, think back to the first good beer you ever had. No, not the first cold, cheap, keg beer in a solo cup in college, but the first really, really good craft beer—maybe it was crisp and hoppy, maybe it was Belgian, maybe it was something else entirely? Whatever it was, it changed your...

Beer 101

The Best Beer and Cheese Pairings Yet

We’re just going to come right out and say it. Beer, not wine, is the ultimate pairing with cheese. After all, beer comes from the same place: the humble pasture, the farm, the ancient communal gathering places of our rustic past. Think of it this way—have you ever seen goats,...

Gadgets & Gear

One Hop Shopping

Dry hopped, wet hops, single hop, secret hops—no matter how you use them, these aromatic little flowers never fail to excite. And although there was a time when pillows filled with the mildly soporific, leafy cones were sold as a sleep aid, today you’ll almost always find hops...

Bottles and Bars

Green is the Color

Dear Readers: we asked and you answered: as of our recent poll, your favorite style is IPA . We love them, too. The best balance assertive, tangy hops with enough body in the grain department to achieve liftoff on the palate, and work well with certain foods (especially spicy fare). The...

Beer 101

Just Brew It

At least lawmakers have been getting something done lately. Homebrewing is now legal in all 50 states , after Mississippi and Alabama passed laws earlier this year. It’s a great American tradition dating to our earliest days, and has fueled the modern craft beer revolution, too. From...

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