Rooms with a Brew

Check into a high threadcount hotel with craft beer to match.

3324398371_0e57a344fd_02The best thing about travel in the U.S. is discovering an area’s local beers. With so many new breweries popping up, it’s a daunting task to keep up. Which is why we’re glad to see the top hotels and hotel groups in North America embrace craft beer, by stocking it in hotel rooms and in on-site restaurants and bars, offering classes, curating special tasting menus, even commissioning proprietary brews for guests brewed with ingredients grown on hotel grounds. San Diego’s Stone brewery is building an ambitious brewery-hotel as we sip (er, type). You can even get a 75-minute, Great Divide beer-based massage at the Ritz-Carlton in Denver.

What’s your favorite city to travel to for a great beer? Tell us below. And read on for our top three hotels with hops.

Fairmont Hotel Group
Four different and uniquely swank Fairmonts in North America have commissioned craft beers for guests, starting with Toronto’s Royal York and a beer dubbed the Royal Stinger. Next on tap?The Fairmont San Francisco’s Honey Saison, The Fairmont Olympic’s Olympic Honey Ale, and Summer Haze Honey Hefe from The Fairmont Empress. Late checkout, anyone?

The Brown Palace Hotel & Spa, Denver, CO
This luxury destination hotel in the cenver of the Mile High City offers beers made with homegrown ingredients, like 1892, a retro-style lager brewed with water in the hotel’s 780’ deep well and Rooftop Honey Saison, brewed with the liquid gold collected from the hotel’s own rooftop aviary. Local stalwart Wynkoop Brewing Co. oversees the batches. Try them in the hotel’s atmospheric Ship Tavern.

The Four Seasons, Philadelphia
The hotel’s fourth collaboration beer with Dock Street Brewing Co. is sexy: a traditional, farmhouse-style biere de garde called Spanish Fly, brewed with herbs and botanicals traditionally regarded as aphrodisiacs (wormwood, yarrow and ginger) grown on the hotel roof. Don’t forget to hang up the Do Not Disturb sign.



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